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Privacy Policy
PacWest Machinery is committed to protecting your personal information. With this site, PacWest has the opportunity to receive your personal information through your inquiries on products, services, promotional programs, or questionnaires. PacWest believes that it is an important responsibility to protect all of your personal information. To better protect your privacy, PacWest provides the following policies that apply to this site.

What is personal information?
The types of personal information include your name, address, age, telephone number, e-mail address, any information that personally identifies you, or any information that is specific to you.

How we collect your personal information
When PacWest collects the personal information you submit to this site, PacWest clearly indicates the purpose of this, and does so within necessary limitations. If you prefer not to provide your personal information to PacWest, you can refuse the submission using settings on your browser, or other software. However, please note that by refusing to submit your personal information, you may not be able to utilize some of the services on this site that require submission of personal information. PacWest automatically receives your IP address, cookie information, or information on any of our web pages that you review, and records this information onto our server. Such gathered information may be used to customize and improve our site contents and marketing.

How we use your personal information
PacWest only uses your personal information as indicated above and to enhance our site experience and marketing effectiveness.
We will inform you beforehand if an occasion arises where we would like to use your personal information beyond the purpose originally indicated to you. If you do not agree with this, you can refuse the usage of your personal information.

Non-disclosure of your personal information to third parties
PacWest does not intend to disclose, transfer or lend the personal information you submit to our site to any third parties. Notwithstanding, this obligation shall not apply to the following:
- When we obtain your permission.
- When we find it necessary to disclose it to companies under common ownership with PacWest, suppliers, distributors or agencies in order to answer any inquiries from you.
- When we find it necessary to disclose information to other companies PacWest hires that have a confidentiality agreement with PacWest in order to implement what was indicated to you.
- When such information is processed into non-personally-identifiable information such as statistical data.
- In case of urgent circumstances to protect people's life, body or property.
- In case of being required to disclose such information by law.

Use by visitors under the age of 18
PacWest is also committed to protecting personal information of any site visitors who are under the age of 18. The Company recommends that a guardian review the web site when a site visitors under the age of 18 accesses this site. If you are under the age of 18, please provide your personal information with the consent of your guardian.

A word on “Cookies”
“Cookies” are IDs consisting of letters and numbers that this site sends to your computer's hard drive through your web browser. The system on this site uses cookies to recognize your browser and can provide functions such as storing your access information until your next site visit. You can set up the browser not to receive new Cookies, to arrange a warning to appear on the screen when Cookies are received or to void the cookie functions (please refer to “help” in your browser's toolbar). If you do so, you may not be able to utilize some functions on this site. To fully utilize this site, we recommend you configure your browser so that Cookies can be received.

Revision of this privacy policy
PacWest may revise our privacy policy for this site.

Inquiries, corrections or deletion of personal information
If you would like to inquire, make any corrections or request deletion of your personal information, please contact our corporate office that’s housed within our Seattle/Kent location.