Rentals Details

Construction equipment rental from PacWest is your best bet for getting the machinery you need, when and where you need it, and at an affordable price.  However, navigating the details around rental policies can be complex so we’ve created this handy check list: 


Rental Pricing:

     - 1 week: 40 machine hours
     - 1 month: 160 machine hours
     - Monthly invoice is for 28 days
     - Hourly charges will be applied for each machine hour at 1.5 times the single shift rate.
     - All rentals payable in advance unless prior arrangements are made.
     - Applicable state or local taxes will be billed in addition to rental rates as required by law.
     - Rates shown are straight rentals. Rentals with purchase options may be subject to additional terms.


Operating Requirements:

     - All rental units are quoted F.O.B. PacWest Machinery.

     - Equipment is to be used within the rated capacity and intended use
     - Customer must employ qualified operators.
     - Physical damage incurred during rental period is the customer’s responsibility.
     - Proper maintenance at manufacturer’s recommended intervals must be followed including daily checks and service of all fluid levels.
     - Customer is responsible for tire damage on units equipped with tires. Tire wear will be charged in 1/32 increments at predetermined rates.
     - Cleaning and fuel charges will apply depending on return conditions.


Documentation and Insurance:

     - Standard PacWest Machinery rental documentation

     - Customer must have on file with PacWest Machinery a Certificate of Insurance prior to possession of the equipment.  Liability insurance minimums

       must be met in accordance with PacWest policy.
     - PacWest Machinery must be named as the additional insured and loss payee.

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