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ActiveCare Direct is a revolutionary telematics monitoring and fleet utilization reporting service offered by PacWest Machinery and Volvo. With active machine monitoring and monthly fleet reports, ActiveCare Direct allows you to spend more time making informed fleet management decisions and less time sorting through data and alarm codes.

Active Machine Monitoring

PacWest and Volvo are removing the noise, time commitment and data analysis associated with telematics by providing 24 hour, 7 day a week, 365 days a year, active machine monitoring and monthly fleet reporting. The program gives customers insights and actionable recommendations, saving time and money.  Talk with your PacWest representative about how you can benefit from this service.


How It Works

The Volvo telematics system captures thousands of machine data points and sends them to the Volvo Uptime Center in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, where analysts and a proprietary system monitors machine health in real time. If a machine requires attention, Volvo communicates with you and/or PacWest Machinery so we can respond quickly.


Efficient Machine Monitoring

With ActiveCare Direct, there’s no need to decipher raw data or react to a flood of alarm codes.  We will alert you only when a specific action is necessary. This level of remote analysis helps catch problems before they occur, avoiding unplanned downtime.   It also helps expedite service by providing a diagnosis of the issue in advance, helping ensure we arrive on site with the necessary parts, tools and technician to carry out the service.


Monthly Fleet Reports

Rather than logging into a telematics portal and sorting through mountains of data, you receive easy-to-understand monthly fleet utilization reports, arming you with the essential information needed to improve fleet utilization, identify focus areas for operator training, better manage service schedules, improve uptime and reduce operating costs.

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